Warcraft: the RPG

Warcraft:the RPG
Campaign Setting


Core Ruleset is D&D 3.5

The campaign will be limited in scope to the Core Rulebooks ( Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide and Monster Manual) and the six Warcraft the Roleplaying Game books:
1. Campaign Setting.(WC:RPG)
2. Manual of Monsters.(MM)
3. Alliance and Horde Compendium.(AHC)
4. Magic and Mayhem.(M&M)
5. Lands of Conflict.(LoC)
6. Shadows and Light.(S&L)


The campaign takes place shortly after the events outlined in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne.

Player Races

Only humans, elves, (Ironforge) dwarves, half-elves and half-orcs from the PHB. Warcraft RPG variants take precedence over PHB descriptions.
Warcraft RPG adds new races: goblins, night elves, tauren, and orcs.
AHC adds new races: Wildhammer Dwarves, Blood Elves, furbolgs, gnomes, naga, pandaren and jungle trolls.

Player Classes

Warcraft is a distinct fantasy realm that adjusts- or simply dismisses- certain staples of the genre. Only the core and prestige classes outlined in this document are allowed. Once again, WC: RPG descriptions take precedence over Core Rulebooks.

NPC Classes:

All NPC classes from the DMG are allowed in WC: RPG.

Core Classes:

(From PHB)Barbarian, Fighter, Rogue, Sorcerer and Wizard. (Only WC: RPG variants allowed.)
(From WC: RPG)Healer, Scout and Tinker.
(From M&M)Runemaster.

Prestige Classes:
See sources for additional requirements.

• Beastmaster. Horde or Night Elf.
• Druid of the Wild. Night Elf or Tauren only.
• Elven Ranger. Alliance elves only.
• Gladiator.
• Horde Assassin. Non-good Horde only.
• Hunter. Horde only.
• Infiltrator. Alliance only.
• Mounted Warrior. Human, elf or orc.
• Paladin Warrior. Good Alliance human or Ironforge dwarf only.
• Priest. Non-evil Alliance only.
• Shaman. Divine spellcaster.
• Warlock. Evil arcane spellcaster.
• Death Knight. Evil
• Demon Hunter. Good.
• Dwarven Avatar. Alliance Ironforge Dwarf only.
• Marksman.
• Necromancer. Evil Arcane spellcaster.
• Primal. Chaotic.
• Warmage. Usually Alliance Arcane spellcaster.
• Windrider.
• Bombardier.
• Engineer.
• Graven One. Non-good Independent.
• Shadow Hunter. Horde.
• Spiritwalker. Tauren.
• Steamwarrior.
• Warden. Alliance, non-chaotic Night Elf only.
• Witch Doctor. Non-good Troll only.
(LoC) Available to characters of the Eastern Continent (Lordaeron and Khaz Modan)
• Dark Apothecary. Independent. Royal Apothecary Society.
• Defias Renegade. Independent. Defias Brotherhood.
• Dwarven Prospector. Alliance dwarf only. Explorer’s Guild.
• Scarlet Crusader. Alliance or Independent. Non-undead. Scarlet Crusade.

Epic Levels:

Shadows and Light contains information on Epic Levels of advancement. You should be so lucky!


The PCs shall be of the same affiliation. Alliance or Horde. PCs that start as Independent must choose the party Affiliation.

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Horde or Alliance

So what’s it gonna be? Race choices are pretty big in Warcraft for me, but need to know what side to pick. Likely rolling a Pally or Warrior (read: Fighter) – this is Warcraft afterall, gonna crack some skulls!!


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